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Application For Colleges and ESL Courses (FREE)
We assist students in choosing undergraduate or graduate, the college or university that best fits the needs of students, we handle all the paperwork with institutions, we schedule the tests of English, assist in applications for Study Permit and collaborate in all aspects to facilitate the entry of students in institutions. Best of all, at no additional cost to our client.
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Applications for Summer&Winter Camps (FREE)
We assist in selecting and applying full  support for recreational and learning activities in a Summer&Winter Camps in Canada. We can find, enroll and book a nature, specialized or ESL camp in Canada for you and your friends.
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Visa Aplications&Extensions
We have a specialized team for visas, with years of experience in the area, and we are authorized by the Canadian government to take care of extensions with reliability and safety for students.
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TTC Pass Discount

We offer monthly pass TTC (Toronto transportation system) discount that can be purchased for all students in our agency with headquarters.

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Consultancy for Immigration
There are several immigration programs to Canada, both national and provincial, and our team of consultants is authorized by the Canadian government to work with these processes. Warrant the help of specialized professionals that will increase probabalidade a favorable response from the Canadian government for immigration proceedings.
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Health Insurance
Being an international student, it is advisable to purchase a health insurance since the fees charged by Canadian health care are extremely high. For this, we have a super affordable health insurance to ensure that medical care in case of illness and accidents in Canada.
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One of the best housing options for students abroad, undoubtedly, are the homestays. Often, homestays eventually become a second family for an exchange student, and facilitate its adaptation to the new country

The Woori Education has about 500 registered homestays in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver with the best prices in the market.

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Airport Pick-Up
Land alone in an airport in an unknown country, full of bags and go in search of their place of accommodation can be quite an adventure. Thinking about it, also provide our service airport pick-up, which is nothing more than an agent of our confidence the student waiting at the airport, getting and driving to where he will be staying.
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Cell Phone Rental
We have agreements with companies that rent phones, so no matter if you’ll be a month or 12 months, we find the plan that best fits your need.
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Private Teachers
If you are seeking an alternative to English schools or prefer exclusive attention of a teacher, we offer a wide range of contacts tutors. Professionals trained to work according to their difficulties and develop specific plans for what you need to study.
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Special Tours in USA and CANADA
We do organize special student tours to USA and CANADA Citites such as Ottowa, Montreal, Quebec, Chicago, New York and etc.

Every trip or tour will be carefully designed to make sure you have an unforgettable, wonderful travel experience.

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Using Woori Address as Your Own (FREE)
If you are new in Canada and don’t have any permanent address yet or even for some important mails from your Country  you are very welcome to use Woori Education address as it’s your own!
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Tax Return
If you are an international student studying in Canada, you may have to file a Canadian income tax return. You must determine your residency status to know how you will be taxed in Canada. As Woori we also help our students with their Tax Returns
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Internet, print, scan (FREE)
The Woori wants you to feel at home. Therefore, our physical space is completely prepared for students worldwide to share knowledge and experiences, just arrive. Yet also provide Wi-fi, Print-Scan and completely free impressions for our clients.
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Seminars, events
We do organize seminars, events and workshops for how to find a job, preparing a professional resume, general information sessions for students and newcomers, parties, picnics, special events etc
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Tips for Living in New Country (FREE)
It’s not just you, every new student comes to Canada with full of questions about , where to live, which area is safer, how to find a job, how to rent an apartment or house?

This is exactly where we step in and help you out with your questions about living in a new country. We’ll give you all the necessary tips about living in Canada!

We are working hard to build you a successful future.

Student Testimonials

Exclusive Banking Services for Woori Students

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Get the products and services you need to organize your finances and help you settle in Canada — including a bank account and a new and innovative way to send money home.

Questions about Banking?

Do you have a question about banking in Canada? We’d be happy to answer your questions about banking or finances and provide you with a personal financial assessment.

Best Service

We always offer best and special services for Woori Students&Clients 

Woori Card

Save with Woori Card

Woori Card will provide you lots of discounts during your study

Toronto Discounts

You can use your Woori card at more than 100 places around Toronto.

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